Our Coat Hangers can be used everywhere and anywhere. Residential for personal clothing, Commercial for use in any clothing store for a clothes rack or shelf, or Industrial for use in a work locker overalls where space is limited.

Our HIGH Quality Coat Hangers are Designed for Industrial Clothing Such As Overalls and Thick Pants as well as light and elegant clothing like wedding gowns and evening dresses. 

At 430mm overall Length, it is perfect to hang multiple items at once. With two 60mm Cutouts on both sides, it is ideal to hang pants on the inside and hang other articles like Business shirts on the inside.

Our Coat Hangers are designed and have been tested to hold an astonishing 10 KILOGRAMS OF WEIGHT. With the ability to hold hold multiple articles at once Our Hangers are perfesct for those areas where space is limited.

EMC Coat Hanger
Coat hanger delivery
EMC Coat Hanger
EMC Coat Hanger {BOX}
EMC Coat Hanger{Black&White}
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