OUR Breakfast trays come with Two cut outs top and bottom to allow easy gripping and carrying with all four Fingers so you don't have to worry about getting your finger jammed or scratched

Wether Steam Sterilized Or Hand washed The Colour Will not degrade nor Crack

On the base is an etched-Non Slip area so no matter what you are serving, you can be sure that nothing will; Slide, Slip, Spill Or fall.

AS soon as  it is produced  It is layed flat away from foreign matter to prevent contamination and to Ensure that once cooled, it will remain flat and straight, it will not warp or change Dimensions

Being Produced With Top Quality Impact Absorbent Polymer, You Can Be sure It will Never Shatter Or Crack If Dropped

Our Breakfast Tray Comes Packaged in a Clear Plastic Bag To Prevent Foreign Contamination During Transportation

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