EMC 9LT Basin
EMC 9LT Basin
EMC 9LT Basin

Our 9 Litre Basin is produced with top quality Shock Absorbent Polymer so that if  dropped it will not shatter, crack or fail.

Our Basin Can Comfortably hold 11 KILOGRAMS of weight without bending, cracking or failing.

With a 180 Degree angled rim the entire length around the basin, it makes gripping with all four fingers very easy for moving if heavy. 

The Basin is Produced in RED, BlUE AND BLACK

EMC 9LT Basin

Our Basin also comes with 4 Unique Stackers top and bottom at each corner measuring 30mm long, making it effortless to seperate if stacked away in the garage or on the shelf in the shop. 

IT Measures 310 Millimeters long,

255 Millimeters Wide and

105 Millimeters High.

EMC Basin {with tools}

"I love them because I haven't got myself a toolbox yet so I use them to keep everything organized"


EMC Basin{With Tools}

"They are perfect for me to put all my tools in, both at home and in the workshop".


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